How to make designs and customize your products in a few steps

How to make designs and customize your products in a few steps

How to make designs and customize your products in a few steps

How to make designs and customize your products in a few steps

Ever wanted to make personalized products for yourself but do not have the right tools or design skills? Worried that you might end up designing something that is not well received by the people? Well, we have a perfect tool for you to take your ventures to new levels. Whether its customized shirts, brochures, business cards or other accessories, the free designer tool lets you bring your ideas to life in just a few easy steps.

With a range of products to chose from, you can easily tweak around with the design and add your own personal touches. A great plus point – you can sell them anywhere as well! So, design the products, buy them and start selling! Not only will you get your own merchandise but will also have the opportunity to earn profits.

The tool provides great customizations which aren’t any less than Photoshop’s, except a lot easier to use. With options like group, lock, adding icons, images or text, you can make the perfect design without any hassle.

To use the tool, you first have to create a free account in – this is to ensure that any progress in your design is not lost, instead saved for later, so you do not have to start all over again. With a user-friendly interface, it is not only straight forward, but also doesn’t ask you to indulge through a series of steps just to get to the main homepage.

Here’s how you can design your own product in 4 steps:

  • Choose your base product

The first step in the process is choosing the product you want to work on. From caps, badges, shirts and cups, to mouse pads, business cards, stickers, and brochures, the Designer tool free has everything you can possibly ask for.

  • Select the color

There’s a range of colors available for you to chose from. With over 20 color options, you can select a scheme for the front and back, depending on your requirements.

  • Add icons

A noteworthy feature of the tool is its freedom to add whatever, icons, shapes, calendar, map, clip arts or images to your design. You can align them horizontally, vertically, send to back or front, flip them around and center align them with just one click. You can also zoom into one a part of the main body to add your preferred icon accurately. The process can be repeated for the back side as well. There is also a layering feature that divides your design into different layers so you can edit them separately.

  • Save

Once you’re done with the designing, you can preview your product and save it for later. If your design is intricate and takes longer to complete, the save option can certainly come in handy, allowing you to start from where you left off.

You can also buy the product you designed my specifying the number of units and entering your address.

Overall, the Design tool Free is a great platform for you to create aesthetic and eye-catching designs for your products. It provides you with the freedom to add your personal touches to your design and also the option to earn some extra money!